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Updated: Jul 2, 2019

They must be using Bully Max or Muscle Bully” feeding them raw eggs, meat by the pound, and training their dog like they’re facing the damn Russian in Rocky IV. 

Number one, there is no supplement that will make your dog break through it’s genetic limits Exercise is great, but strapping weights on your dog (unless competing in weight pull or other athletic events) and over feeding and over using supplements will probably cause more harm than good. That being said, a proper diet and correct use of supplements and vitamins CAN help your dog reach THEIR full potential.

A dog gets it’s genetic makeup from it’s parents, grandparents etc. Don’t expect to bypass genetics with food and supplements.

A good gauge to use when determining what your new puppy’s adult build may be is by looking at the parents and grandparents in the pedigree.

But even then, genetics are tricky and you’re not guaranteed the build you desire. Now, onto the best food to feed your dog.. Every dog is different, some have food allergies and may get dry itchy skin or allergies from a food your past dogs don’t have any issue with. We will start with the TOP DRY FOOD BRANDS. RAW CAN BE AN EXCELLENT CHOICE and many prefer it, but raw feeding is another article entirely. What I try to do is find a food that has high quality, protein rich ingredients in the first couple ingredients listed. One of our dogs has sensitive skin, so I switched to grain free. You’ll have to decide the best fit for your dog(s)

Five Star Rated Dry Dog Foods we have personally had great results with: Castor & Pollux, Blue Buffalo, Diamond, Merrick Grain Free, Taste of the Wild, and the premium brands Evo & Orijen (For those with more to spend) Personally, Taste of the Wild & Diamond are both great high protein foods with quality ingredients at an affordable price when compared to some of the others.

If your dog has severe allergies (bumbs on skin, eye mucous, constantly itching face, scratching at tail) The #1 Veterinary Rated Food is Acana (I like the Lamb & Apple) In the past I had a dog with severe allergies and the difference after switching him over to this food was night and day. 


Bully Max or Gorilla Max the best Products for your Dog.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Gorilla Max

  2. Bully Max Performance Chews


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