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PitBull dog price range. Pit Bull cost. Where to buy American Pit Bull puppies?

Updated: Jan 4, 2018

The American Pit Bull Terrier (or Pit Bull) is a dog breed known for its bravery, endurance and aggressiveness, leading to nicknames such as “cold blooded assassins”, “warrior dogs” or “gladiators”. Pit Bulls are formidable competitors in all strength-related sports. As great as their popularity is, nowadays PitBull dog price can get quite high. In this article, we will provide all necessary information you need for getting a Pit Bull, including price, reliable sellers, and some notes on how to raise this breed.

Purebred PitBull dog price

Pit Bulls are available at different price ranges, depending on what you raise them for. If what you want is a companion and not breeding, Pit Bulls with limited registration are suitable for you. However, if you are a breeder or simply want to have many of them in your house, you should choose fully registered Pit Bulls, which, of course, are much more costly than the pet only ones.

Price of Pit Bulls with limited registration

Such Pit Bulls have no breeding rights. Normally, they are sterilized before leaving for a new owner. Their price is not very high, ranging from $800 – $1300/puppy. Strong and trustworthy Pit Bulls will be a great companion for your household.

Price of Pit Bulls with full registration

Fully registered Pit Bulls are varied in price, depending on the origin, pedigree and breeders.

  • Pit Bulls from ordinary breeders cost from $1300 – $2500 / puppy. These puppies often have common pedigree, are over 95% purebred and are raised as pets only.

  • Pit Bulls from well-known breeders is highly expensive, from $2500 – $6000 / puppy. These puppies are of outstanding pedigree, 100% purebred, raised for breeding, for Dogshow or for competition.

Characteristics of purebred Pit Bulls

With a tough appearance, the Pit Bull possesses well-defined muscles and a weight of 50 to 70 pounds (20 to 30 kg). Their face is intimidating looking, especially with fierce red eyes and long, sharp teeth, which can possibly cause serious injuries. Such traits make Pit Bulls a fear for its opponent and many people. They are capable of biting to death or cause serious injuries to other dogs.


Given proper training and teaching, these dogs can become a great companion. They are gentle with their owner’s family, loyal and dedicated. They can protect the family from any danger whenever needed. When threatened or attacked, they become aggressive and fearless, even if their opponents are much greater in size. As such, there is no doubt that the Pit Bull is regarded as the most dangerous dog breed.

Pit Bulls have the ability to fight long and hard and rarely retreat before any opponents. Therefore, you should consider carefully before buying a Pit Bull. Be sure to buy well trained Pit Bull to limit their aggressive nature.


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